UGC notification

As per UGC notification dated:-26.May.2020; Grievance cell is being established to redress the complaints/concerns of the students during pandemic period of COVID-19.Grievance cell will redress all the complaints of the students with in 3 to 7 days.
Members of the committee.  1. Dr. Vandana Mohla /Officiating Principal/ Chairperson  2. Ms. Kamalpreet verma/Ms. Archna Dua/Home Science  3. Ms. Priyamvada Thakur /Ms. Amita Dureja/ HOD/ Commerce  4. Ms. Neeru Bhatia / BBA   5. Dr. Manju Dua/Ms. Sudha Sahi/Arts  6. Dr. Meenu Bhatia/ Dr. Sheel Singh Science  7. Dr. Neha Jain/Ms. Sandhya /BCAProcedure for submitting the complaint. Student will send  the complaint on the  college mail-id:- Principal & HOD’S will be sent the mail..Final reply of the complaint will be through college mail id..Every efforts shall be made to redress the grievance with  in 3 days but maximum with in 7          days..Committee members to check their mail box everyday. 


Dr. Vandana Mohla (Officiating Principal)