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From the Desk of the Principal

A Teacher has always a temptation to meet and talk to dynamic; vigorous, devoted, dedicated and at times idealistic collegians who look at the brighter aspect of life, not having been embittered with experience of life and cynicism that it entails.

Dear students, I am strongly of the view that the college education equips one with the tools to acquaint oneself with the learning process of life. Whatever field you adopt in life please do bear in mind that quest for knowledge is to be a perpetual affair. You must keep yourself abreast of advances that are fast taking place. You must strive to be up to-date. I feel a day wasted if I don't learn something new and it is not essential that you should learn from books and journals alone. I donot under estimate their importance, but what I want to stress is that you learn from everybody you meet and from every situation that you are confronted with. Education is a continuous process nay an apprenticeship of life. Education is a companion which no misfortune can depress, no crime destroy, no enemies alienate, no despotism enslave, at home a friend, abroad an introduction, in solitude a solace and in society an ornament. Without it what is man - a splendid slave, a reasoning savage. The ancient Indian seers regard education to be the second birth. The Sanskrit word for this is "Daviga" which literally means second birth symbolizing the birth of rationality, human faculties, intellectual capacities and the spiritual consciousness.

Dear students, I take the opportunity to accord a very hearty welcome to the new comers in our institution. Such a grand edifice housing 3400 students is an ideal temple of learning for the girls craving for quality education in safe and congenial environment. This women institution is an outcome of tireless efforts of its founder -late Shri K.LMehtaji- a staunch Arya samajist and dedicated social activist. After his sad demise his illustrious wife Dr.(Ms.) Vimal Mehta nurtured the institution. Today its sprawling infrastructure with lush green lawns, spacious play ground well equipped laboratories; digital library etc. is a pride of Faridabad. Its teachers play as potent instruments for manifestation of latent intelligence of young wards entrusted to their care.

It is said that there can be no good world without good man and ultimate aim of education is to produce good human beings and good citizens.

Hence we will make a humble attempt at producing good human beings in this institution. I am sure the students joining this great institution will prove to be true specimen of humanity, imbibing in themselves the traditions of Indian cultural heritage with deep sense of patriotism and embodying in themselves the qualities of head and heart.

Best Wishes
Dr. Vandana Mohla
Officiating Principal

From the Desk of the Principal - Dayanand College