College Staff


Dr. (Mrs.) Vandana Mohla

Officiating Principal

A Teacher has always a temptation to meet and talk to dynamic; vigorous, devoted dedicated at times idealistic collegians who look at the brighter aspect of life, not having been embittered with experience of life and cynicism that it entails. Dear students, I am strongly of the view that the college education equips one with the tools to acquaint oneself with the learnings...Read More

Teaching Staff

S.No Faculty Name Qualification
1 Dr. (Mrs.) Pamila Kalia M.Com., Ph.D.
2 Mrs. Vibha Dutta M.A. (II Position in University)
3 Mrs. Priyamvada Thakur M.Com
4 Mrs. Kamal Preet Verma M.Sc.
5 Dr. (Mrs.) Manju Khanna M.P.Ed., Ph.D. (Gold Medalist)
6 Mrs. Neeru Bhatia M.Com (Gold Medalist)
7 Mrs. Alka Satya M.A., M.Phil. (II in University)
8 Dr. (Mrs.) Rekha Gupta M.Com, Ph.D.(Twice Gold Medalist)
9 Mrs. Archana Dua M.Sc.
10 Dr.(Mrs.) Meenu Bhatia M.Sc., Ph.D.
11 Dr.(Mrs.) Sheel Singh M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.(Gold Medalist)
12 Dr.(Mrs.) Sangeeta Kulshreshtha M.Sc., Ph.D.(Gold Medalist)
13 Mrs. Sudha Sahi M.A., M.Phil
14 Mrs.Amita Dureja M.Com., M.Phil.(Gold Medalist)
15 Mrs. Usha Pant M.Sc.(Gold Medalist)
16 Dr.(Mrs.) Mithlesh Aggarwal M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.
17 Dr.(Mrs.) Beena Sethi M.Sc., Ph.D
18 Mrs. Sudesh Kumari M.Com.
19 Ms. Poonam Sachdeva M.A., M.Phil

Administrative Staff

S.No Faculty Name
1 Mrs.Meena Rangila (Head Clerk cum Accountant)
2 Mrs.Reeta Bahri
3 Mrs.Pinki Sharma
4 Mrs.Maya Sharma


S.No Faculty Name
1 Mrs.Aloka Arora

Staff Retired During the Year 2015 - 2016

S.No Faculty Name
1 Mrs.Rukmani Virmani(Clerk) retired on 31st March 2016 after completing 37 years of service.
2 Mrs. Madhu Sablok lab Assisstant in Departement of Home Science retired on 30th April 2016 after completing 37 years of service.